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Popular Paintball Games

Popular Paintball GamesAs paintball improved and became popular, many individuals tried their abilities at it; giving rise to the assortment and diversity of paintball tournaments and games.

Recreational or Capture the Flag

Played by two teams, where each team has a flag and the objective of both teams is to capture or seize the opponent’s flag and carry it to your team’s starting point. This is one way for your team to win and another way is by eliminating the opposing team entirely.

Each team has to defend their base and simultaneously dispatch team players to eliminate the opponent and capture their flag.

These games are usually played in the forest; bunkers and structures can be put up throughout the area.

Scenario Paintball

This is a paintball game with a theme set up behind it: there are an endless number of themes that can be created making the game feel and look very realistic. There are a number of players; in many cases as many as a hundred are involved in each team.

Each team gets the theme (storyline) a day before the start of the game. There are usually two teams participating, having the “general” as a team’s leader.

Each player is given a role and they should work together as a team in order to carry out and win an assigned mission. Props in accordance with the theme are introduced and distributed throughout the field. There are questions asked in connection with the theme and points are awarded for correct answers.

These points are totaled at the conclusion of the game and the team having the most number of points wins.


This can be played right at your own backyard, a friend’s empty property or at times any property but you must as you get permission first. You gather your friends to form a group and then conceptualize your own game which typically is “capture the flag”.


Also called “Center Flag”, the speedball field is designed with many huge bunkers; usually “inflatables” filled with air that are shaped similar to big snakes, soda cans, water tanks etc.

Here, a team can be composed of between three to ten players in a game. There is only one flag that is involved and it is located at the center of a field. The two teams start at each end of the field and attempt to gain possession of the flag at the center and carry it to their bunker. The team that does this successfully wins.

Paintball can surely challenge the “soldier” in you. Give it a shot!

Paintball Store

paintball facilitiesIf you are serious about paintball, you must find a good paintball store. There are several vital pieces of equipment you need to begin playing paintball. Some you only buy once, like a paintball gun and a helmet. Things such as paintball ammunition must be replenished frequently. If you can locate a quality paintball vendor in your area, you’ll have a handy place to restock your paintball supplies.

Although the paintball gun is the most fun to buy, shop your paintball store’s selection of helmets first. The store should have a wide variety of helmets with various safety features. Helmets, also called goggles, primarily provide eye protection. The maximum allowed paintball speed is 300 feet per second, or just over 200 miles per hour! The store’s helmets must be rated to deflect these dangerous projectiles without breaking. The helmet must be lightweight and not chafe, so wear it around the paintball store’s aisles for a while.

Your local paintball vendor will carry the coolest paintball guns ever. If you don’t know how to buy a paintball gun, ask a clerk. Gun selection is based on experience level and sometimes your position on a paintball team. Start with an inexpensive beginner’s gun just in case paintball turns out to be a passing fad in your life. If you simply must have the best, your local paintball supply store will be happy to sell it to you.

Stock up on paintballs from your store. It is better to have too many than too few, especially in the heat of battle. The store will also stock extra-large paintball hoppers, super sized compressed air canisters, paintball suits with extra armor, and many other items to enhance your paintball experience. Remember that your paintball store bill can increase rapidly, so buy the minimum equipment at first to see if you actually like the sport.

A local paintball supplier can supply more than just equipment. Such stores are often involved in sponsoring or promoting team events, tournaments, and even paintball clubs. If you want to get serious about playing paintball, get serious about finding an excellent paintball store.

Paintball Anyone?

Paintball Anyone?People who love to play war games will surely enjoy the game of Paintball. This game which has been around for more than 20 years involves a lot of running, crawling and shooting that makes a person feel as though it is the real thing.

The only thing difference is that instead of using live ammunition to kill the opponent, paint in the form of balls exits the weapon and hits the opponent. The bullet used for each shot is a .68 caliber gelatin capsule. It comes in various colors so both teams can distinguish the shots fired from the other.

Anyone who is hit in any part of the body is automatically out of the game. There are other ways that the team can win. Both teams are given one flag and the team who captures the enemy flag wins.

In another game, a single flag is positioned in the center of the field. Whoever is able to capture it wins the match. The other way of winning would be to eliminate all the players of the opposing team.

The game can be played either on a small scale or large scale. Small scale can be the size of a basketball court with barrels and other obstructions to give cover for the player. This is usually called recreational. Each team should have five to ten players in order to play.

When there is game that could involve more than a hundred participants, this is called a scenario. The largest ever recorded scenario was in 2005 on 700 acres of land and with 3000 participants.

This growing sport has a regulating body that sanctions such events. Competitions that are held by various leagues are called tournaments. Teams can comprise from 3 to 10 players each. Rules during such events vary so people should check before joining the match.

Since safety is the primary concern of this game, players are required to wear protective gear at all times. These consist of a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. The guns maximum firing speed is 300 feet per second.

Paintball is ranked as the third most popular extreme game in the world. It is also considered a safe sport with only a few reported minor injuries. This will continue as long as the players abide by the rules. Those who are interested can sign up at their local club and join in the fun.

Paintball Game Success

speedball field Those who always play the paintball sport may have the experience to execute the right strategies to capture the flag of their opponents. Those who are beginners in playing this sport may tend to be wilder in making their executions and movements in the battlefield. A person must determine how to meet his objective to reach the goal of the opponent’s base.

There are flags, which stand on the bases of each team. Every team must attack and defend their bases so that their opponents will not reach their goal. If a team captures the flag of the other team, they must bring the flag back to their base to ensure that they have reached the goal by eliminating each member of the other team.

A strategy must be planned before each team proceeds with their attacks. It is up to the team leader to decide who will be assigned to attack aggressively and who will defend their base. Their goal is to not be hit by the enemies’ paintball so that they may continue playing the game. They must eliminate every person who blocks their attempt to reach the opponent’s flag. It must be well executed to ensure a chance of winning.

If the members of the team are cautious of being hit by the enemy, it could make it more difficult for their team to win the game; they tend to be more defense-minded forgetting that they must help and accompany their other teammates in the attack.

Being too aggressive can also result in losing the game. Each member must remember that it is important to have a plan that will back up each member in the attack. It is not advisable to be a “Rambo” type attacker: one must cooperate and communicate whatever plan or strategy the leader instructs.

A person cannot attack and hit a target if he is too concerned about being eliminated. However, he may have reasons to back up because he may determine that their flag must be protected and guarded at the same time. There is nothing to be afraid when being hit by a paintball. This does not cause much discomfort even though a hit may cause bruises. Protective clothing is important in playing this game.

Every person has a different style of playing this game but what is important is cooperation and sticking to the game plan that will lead to winning the game.

Paintball Basics

Paintball BasicsDo you want to experience thrilling, fun, and fast actions? Well, if you do, then paintball is the sport for you. It doesn’t really matter how tall or how heavy you are because with this sport, you’re free to take part in the action. Everyone can join this sport – children, parents, young adults, and even your grandparents.

To be able to play paintball, you must know paintball’s basic rules. You must know how the game is played. To start with, you will be playing in the open fields but this sport can also be played inside arenas. Two teams will compete with one another and every player will have their own air gun. Are you familiar with the ‘capture the flag’ game? This game is usually played by children but the rules being employed are similar.

Colored armbands will be used to distinguish the two teams. Each player will wear the colored armband so that they can easily identify teammates and their opponents. The main goal of the sport is to capture the opponent’s flag. Once the flag is captured, it should be brought back to the camp. Touch the opponent’s flag to the team’s flag and you must be able to do this for a specified time.

Players are eliminated once a paintball hits a certain player and it’s the referee’s decision whether a player is eliminated or not. The referee’s decision is final and so if you’re hit with a paintball and it spat, you will be immediately eliminated.

Now that you know the basic rules of paintball, you must familiarize yourself with the various equipments used. Here are the equipments:

1. Paintball – this is a semi hard rubberized shell which can easily break once an object is hit. It contains paint and it’s marble-sized.

2. Paintball gun – the paintball can be only be launched through a paintball gun. Compressed air powers the gun and it s usually made from aluminum alloy. The gun has a container for the loaded paintballs.

3. Eye equipment – this equipment protects the eyes of the players. It has a rubber strap and acrylic plastic lens that should be placed firmly over the eyes.

4. Mask – this is basically helmet which protects the ears and face of the player.

5. Belt pack – just as the word suggests, this is a belt that allows players to carry additional accessories.

6. Sight – oftentimes players do point shooting but if you want to aim your targets better, you can use the ‘sight’; this is an additional device for paintball guns.

Paintball is not a very simple game because you need to have common sense. You can’t just run wild and shoot every player you see. If you want to play smart, you must never remove your helmet. You must know the paintball gun’s limitations. If you don’t want to be spotted easily by our opponents, you must wear dark colored clothes and not light ones because light colored clothes attract attention.

Buy hiking or running shoes so that you’re more comfortable when running around the field or arena. Playing honestly is also a good trait and you must follow your team captain’s orders. Focus on the game and don’t fool around because you might get hit.

Now that you know the basic rules, equipments, and some pointers on how to play paintball, you can enjoy playing this sport together with your family or your friends.

Best Paintball Gun?

spyder electraGet the best paintball gun you can for your budget when you decide to play paintball. Paintball manufacturers prefer the term “marker” instead of “gun.” What we know as a paintball gun originated as a way to mark distant items such as trees with a highly visible colored dye.

The compressed air paintball apparatus allowed such markers to be applied at great distances, allowing utility companies to mark such trees efficiently for removal. Sometimes wandering cattle were marked for later retrieval! The term marker has a much less violent connotation, but paintball gun is the more widely used term for the paintball shooter. Modern paintball markers are often designed to mimic actual firearms.

The best guns for paintball generally are made by the top manufacturers. Tippmann makes paintball guns such as the A-5, 98 Custom, 68, and 98 Pro. Smart Parts Paintball Markers and Guns include the Ion, Nerve, Shocker, Impulse, and Ion Pro. JT USA manufactures a variety of top-quality paintball guns. Check out Spyder’s paintball guns such as the Spyder Electra and the Spyder Sniper Paintball Gun. Autococker also produces a wide range of paintball markers. Custom guns and sniper rifles are available from this list of best paintball marker manufacturers.

Optional equipment often determines what makes the best paintball markers. Automatic fire paintball guns must carry an external magazine of paintball ammunition. This magazine, called a hopper, sits on top of the gun, and feeds the paintballs to the gun by gravity, or sometimes by a force-feed mechanism. You get the best advantage by having a paintball gun that has a large hopper with force-feed action.

Compressed air powers the paintball gun. Canisters of pressurized air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen propel the paintballs like gunpowder propels bullets. Once again, bigger is better! Oversized air cylinders are available that attach to the player’s belt and connect to the paintball gun with a flexible hose. Combined with a large hopper, the oversized air supply is another step in creating the best paintball marker.

Much like real ballistics experts, paintball gun makers have been concentrating on improving the barrel and flight path of the paintball. New paintball gun barrel designs allow paintballs to travel farther and straighter than before. These innovations are often found in the best paintball sniper guns.

The list of attachments and gadgets to improve a paintball gun is a long one. Players demand more range, accuracy, and firepower, and paintball makers are obliging. If you are an extreme paintball player, however, the best paintball gun is the one in your hands right now!

Where Can You Purchase Your Paintball Gadgets?

paintball equipment

Paintball is fast becoming one of the world’s most exciting and popular sports. In fact, paintball has risen from being known as just a pastime or a hobby, to a favorite sport among men and women in over 40 countries.

Those who have tried playing paintball to pass away their time have become smitten by the excitement of the sport. More and more people are forming their paintball squads and clamoring for more paintball items.

If you are among those who have learned to love paintball as a sport, then you need to check out the various paintball stores for basic and new paintball products.

Various shops selling paintball accessories have sprouted in the marketplace like mushrooms, due to the high demand for them. Blame it on the rising popularity of paintball. Visiting paintball stores is not only fun but it will give you a firsthand feel and view of the products you are buying.

There also are many online paintball stores that are selling paintball products for prices lower than those offered by actual paintball shops. By doing your shopping online, you do not only save on cost but also time. Just let your fingers do the walking and the talking.

Some online stores have more than five thousand paintball items that can be shipped within 24 hours. However, online stores will only offer free shipping of products when the items purchased amount to more than $150. Online stores also accept payments via credit cards like Master Card or American Express, cash, or through personal or cashier’s checks.

Among the important paintball accessories that a player should possess, aside from the paintball guns and pellets of course, are the following:

1. Paintball mask – Never play paintball without the mask! Paintball experts are as one in saying that new players should buy the mask before the gun because it is a safety tool.

2. Batteries – Spare batteries for your guns will always be handy in case your gun needs them. Why waste a good opportunity to fire upon your enemy just because of a battery failure.

3. Oil for the paintball gun – This tool may not top the list of items being carried by paintball players but believe me; it makes your gun more efficient and keeps it in tip-top shape.

4. Gun manual – This is necessary when you have to take your gun apart and then put it back together again. With a gun manual, you can never go wrong.

5. First aid kits – While paintball is not a particularly dangerous sport, carrying a first aid kit in one’s pockets will not hurt – in fact, it is necessary for the unexpected bumps and bruises that occur while playing the game.

When buying your paintball items either from the actual or online paintball stores, make sure that you have reviewed their product return policy as you might no longer be able to return certain products depending on the paintball store’s policy.

Paintball – Smoke Grenades

Paintball – Smoke GrenadesMany people all over the world are now getting hooked with paintball. As compared to other gun sports, paintball is not dangerous or harmful. However, if you don’t have the right equipment, you can get injured. Proper equipments should be used to ensure the safety of players and if you’re also interested in this type of sport, you must purchase the necessary equipments because the referee won’t allow you to play without them.

There are various kinds of paintball accessories that you need to but and that includes smoke grenades.

With a smoke grenade, you can run or hide from your opponents. When you’re already in the actual combat field or arena, you can use the smoke grenades to create smoke screens. You can also use the grenades in communicating signals to your teammates. The grenades are available in different colors like red, green, yellow, orange, violet, white, black, and blue. The grenades are usually sold in canisters and you can easily carry them with you.

The actual smoke grenades are scalding hot and so you have to make sure that the grenades don’t come into contact with the body. However, the smoke grenades used in paintball are different. The grenades won’t give you any painful effects but you can also use them as shield to protect you from your opponents.

There paintball smoke grenades are of two kinds:

1. Standard – this kind of smoke grenade can create about 100,000 cu ft of smoke that can last for about four minutes. The smoke is usually colored orange and you need to ignite them manually. It also has a pin that you need to pull just like the actual grenade.

2. Flameless – this kind of smoke grenade is used mostly in military and police training; it is battery operated and it is flameless. The smoke grenade produces big smoke which can help players to hide from opponents.

When you’re purchasing for smoke grenades, there are some things to consider. One time limit; you need to choose grenades which produce lasting smoke. Some grenades produce smokes that last for two minutes or for as long as tem minutes. The longer the smoke lasts, the better.

The smoke range is another consideration in purchasing smoke grenades. Make sure that you choose a grenade which produces a wide range of smoke. There are grenades that create about 500,000 cu ft smoke but these are a bit expensive as compared to grenades with a narrow range of smoke. When using the wide range smoke grenades, you have to ensure that you’re in a wide open space so that accidents can be avoided.

Smoke grenades vary in time limit and smoke range. The price is also dependent on these factors. If you have limited budget, you will be able to get smoke grenades that are not very effective. You have to set aside enough budgets for the other paintball accessories like smoke grenades because it can help you in combating your opponents.

Shop around the local paintball stores or you can also do some online shopping. Do some comparisons and be sure to consider the factors mentioned earlier. That is one way of buying the right kinds of smoke grenades. Once you get the smoke grenades, you can now use them when you’re in the combat field.

The sport will be more exciting because it would appear like real combat.

What Gear Is Necessary For Paintball?

 Proper outfitting is really important in the game of paintball. Paintball gear and accessories are paramount in the sport to ensure safety of players. Gear and accessories not only ensure the safety of players but they also allow the player to be comfortable. Gear is needed to perform a safely and effectively. In paintball, some gear and accessories should be considered before you actually play the game.

<ol><li>The most important gear needed to play paintball is the paintball gun which is used to fire paintball at opponents. There are many paintball guns to choose from. They come in various sizes depending on the needs of any player.</li>

<li>A player must have a paintball masks as they are required in playing since they ensure the safety of players. Paintball masks are not just ordinary masks but are masks are specifically designed for paintball games. An extra mask would serve as a replacement should you need it.</li>

<li>Proper clothing is needed when playing paintball. The clothes need to be heavy-duty and the colors are usually those known as “camouflage”. Players are also required to use shoes intended for running since paintball requires a lot of running but heavy-duty boots may be used as an alternative.</li>

<li>Squeegees are also recommended equipment for players when out on the paintball field: but cotton rags may also be used to wipe off any paintball hits on the body.</li>

<li>First-aid kits must also be part of the equipment. Accidents and injuries are sometimes unavoidable and it is better to be safe than sorry.</li>

<li>Other tools and gear may be beneficial once a player gets used to the game. He may find that screwdrivers, tweezers, pliers, and even cotton swabs would come in handy. Spare batteries for the guns should also be considered.</li></ol>

This gear and accessories are necessities for paintball players. Some fields do not allow players to play the game if they are not wearing the proper clothing, shoes, etc. Players must always consider their own safety as well as the safety of other players. Protection of the eyes is a priority when playing paintball. All players must observe the safety rules and policies set by the field to allow them to have an enjoyable and danger-free game.



Discount Paintball Gear

Discount Paintball Gear 

Save Money With Discounted Paintball Supplies

Many fans are looking for discount paintball equipment. Paintball is a terrific sport that encourages exercise, strategy, and teamwork. A basic level of equipment is required to play paintball, including a paintball gun, paintballs, compressed air cartridges, a helmet, and other protective gear.

That is the minimum, so what is the maximum you can spend on paintball? There is no limit. Paintball vendors are feeding players’ insatiable appetites for more and better paintball gadgets. Of course these goodies come at high prices too. That’s why an aftermarket for discounted paintball equipment has formed.

Search your local used sporting goods store for discounted paintball gear. These stores sell sporting equipment that has been used by other customers. The gear might be heavily used, but often is only slightly worn. The prices are often far less than retail prices, and you get like-new merchandise. Call several local stores to see if they stock discounted paintball guns, helmets, and related gear.

Online auctions are hotbeds of used paintball equipment. Sometimes the paintball gear is brand new, and other times it is only slightly used. People who bought paintball items and quickly tired of them are likely to offer them at discount prices through auctions. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the equipment. A discounted paintball helmet with a few stains on it will still protect your head, and it’s likely to get quickly stained the first time you use it.

Garage sales, flea markets, gun shows and swap meets are more places to buy discounted paintball markers, goggles, and ammunition. Many sellers simply want to get a decent price for their discount paint ball items, even though the new price was much higher. If you are a good negotiator, you can often land much lower discounts than the original asking prices.

As paintball prices get higher and higher, more and more discounted paintball stock becomes available. Whether at auctions, gun shows, or garage sales, you should be able to find some great bargains on discount paintball gear.