Best Paintball Gun?

spyder electraGet the best paintball gun you can for your budget when you decide to play paintball. Paintball manufacturers prefer the term “marker” instead of “gun.” What we know as a paintball gun originated as a way to mark distant items such as trees with a highly visible colored dye.

The compressed air paintball apparatus allowed such markers to be applied at great distances, allowing utility companies to mark such trees efficiently for removal. Sometimes wandering cattle were marked for later retrieval! The term marker has a much less violent connotation, but paintball gun is the more widely used term for the paintball shooter. Modern paintball markers are often designed to mimic actual firearms.

The best guns for paintball generally are made by the top manufacturers. Tippmann makes paintball guns such as the A-5, 98 Custom, 68, and 98 Pro. Smart Parts Paintball Markers and Guns include the Ion, Nerve, Shocker, Impulse, and Ion Pro. JT USA manufactures a variety of top-quality paintball guns. Check out Spyder’s paintball guns such as the Spyder Electra and the Spyder Sniper Paintball Gun. Autococker also produces a wide range of paintball markers. Custom guns and sniper rifles are available from this list of best paintball marker manufacturers.

Optional equipment often determines what makes the best paintball markers. Automatic fire paintball guns must carry an external magazine of paintball ammunition. This magazine, called a hopper, sits on top of the gun, and feeds the paintballs to the gun by gravity, or sometimes by a force-feed mechanism. You get the best advantage by having a paintball gun that has a large hopper with force-feed action.

Compressed air powers the paintball gun. Canisters of pressurized air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen propel the paintballs like gunpowder propels bullets. Once again, bigger is better! Oversized air cylinders are available that attach to the player’s belt and connect to the paintball gun with a flexible hose. Combined with a large hopper, the oversized air supply is another step in creating the best paintball marker.

Much like real ballistics experts, paintball gun makers have been concentrating on improving the barrel and flight path of the paintball. New paintball gun barrel designs allow paintballs to travel farther and straighter than before. These innovations are often found in the best paintball sniper guns.

The list of attachments and gadgets to improve a paintball gun is a long one. Players demand more range, accuracy, and firepower, and paintball makers are obliging. If you are an extreme paintball player, however, the best paintball gun is the one in your hands right now!

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