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How To Make Your Own Paintball Gun

air cannonsAt first glance, you can already tell that the main equipment in playing paintball is the paintball gun. You don’t have to be an expert or a pro to know this; by being keen with your observations, you will instantly know that you can’t play in the field or arena without a gun.

The paintball gun utilizes the physics laws that you have studied during your high school years. The guns employ pressure systems which makes it possible to thrust the paintballs into the air with speed and hit your opponents. The most common gas used in this pressure system is the carbon dioxide. Inexpensive paintball guns typically utilize such pressure system and so beginners can easily learn the basics of the game.

Before the sport became very popular, the paintballs were used mainly to mark livestock and trees. But since it hit the market, its popularity can’t be curtailed. In fact, you don’t have to purchase a paintball gun because you can make your own gun at home. Now, you can play the game even in your own yard with your friends and family.

The equipments or materials that you will need in creating the paintball gun are readily available at home and in nearby hardware stores. You will need these things in order to make your own gun – some cement, glue, plumber’s tape, replacement valve (tire), 6 foot 1” PVC, ¾ PVC barrel, one piece 1” PVC end cap, 2 pieces 1” PVC elbows, 2 pieces 1” PVC tees; PVC nipple, ball valve, and reducer; and nail driller and plumber’s saw.

Make sure that the PVC you will be using for this project should be tested with pressure because it will be exposed to rupturing.

Here is the procedure:

1. Cut into segments your 1” PVC. If you want to assemble the PVC easily, cut them into equal segments. Cover the ends of the PVC with the plumber’s tape. You can start to assemble the main structure of the gun. Attach the 2 PVC elbow to both ends of the 1” PVC segment using cement and primer. The elbows of the PVC should face the same direction.

2. Remember to label the 2 tees ‘Ax and Ay’ and ‘Bx and By’ for the straight ends; perpendicular ends should be labeled Az and Bz. Attach one end of the segment with elbow to the ‘Az’ and the other end should be attached to the ‘Bx’. Connect the pieces again with cement and primer. The shape should now be like a box.

3. The PVC nipple should be fastened to the ‘By’. Bolt the ball valve in the PVC nipple and fasten the barrel. Drill a hole where you will attach the tire valve at the end of the PVC cap. Cement the 1” PVC to the ‘Ay’.

4. Leave the PVC to dry for a day and after that, you can already try the paintball gun.

You see it’s quite easy to assemble your very own paintball gun. All the materials are available at the hardware store or you may even have them at home. Start collecting the needed materials and start with your own project.

If you want, you can also ask help from other paintball players who created their very own paintball gun. Play this sport together with your friends without spending huge money on the guns.

Paintball Marker Reviews

Best Qualities For A Paintball LeaderIf you want to know more about the different features of paintball markers, their application, specialties, and market price, a very important tool that you can use are the online reviews. Through the paintball marker reviews, you will be able to identify a particular product’s demerits and merits. At present, the paintball markers come in different styles like full auto, semi auto, electronic, stock guns, and pump. If you try to surf the internet, you will discover that among the popular brands are Brass Eagle, Component Concepts Incorporated, Diablo, and AirStar.

Choosing a paintball marker is a bit hard because of the many sophisticated features offered by different brands of markers or guns. At this point, it’ll be a lot easier to choose if you read the various paintball marker reviews online. Through the reviews, you can analyze and evaluate each type of paintball marker. The reviews are relatively short and so you can easily illustrate the marker’s features.

The paintball marker reviews are usually written by manufacturers and the game players. By reading manufacturer reviews, you will get biased opinion of the product because you can’t find the demerits of the marker on the review. The manufacturer only includes the merits of their particular product. If you want to read unbiased paintball marker reviews, it would be best to choose the reviews written by actual players of the game. The information provided by the actual players is more accurate than the manufacturer’s reviews.

How can you tell if a certain paintball marker review is good? A good product review includes info like the manufacturer of the paintball marker, its features, and the various customer opinions.

If you want, you can read several paintball marker reviews, both written by the actual players and the manufacturer of the marker. That way, you will have several references for your comparison. By reading enough product reviews, you will be able to identify the advantages, disadvantages, and market price of the marker. With so many paintball guns or markers to choose from, the task will a lot easier once you read the paintball marker reviews. Most customers and actual players who make wise buying decisions read product reviews before they choose particular brand and model of paintball marker.

Visit the different websites offering product reviews on paintball markers. You can also check out the manufacturer’s websites of the various brands of paintball markers. You will definitely find some useful product reviews there. Join online forums on paintball markers because you can get valuable information there as well.

If actual players are joining the forum, they will be able to give you some info on the paintball markers they have used in the past. Search other sites online and with a bit of diligence in your searches, you can gather several product reviews on the paintball markers. Once you have the reviews, sit down read the reviews one by one. You can jot down some notes if you want so that you can have several pointers in choosing the best paintball marker offered in the market.

This is the best way to end up with a wise buying decision. Educated customers and actual players are able to purchase paintball markers that suit their budget and their playing style. Read reviews now and search for them online. The reviews are your ticket to buying the best paintball marker you can find online.

Paintball Pistol — Pros and Cons

paintball pistols

A paintball pistol is a smaller version of a paintball gun. It is similar to a real pistol when it is compared to the size of a rifle. A rifle requires two hands to hold and fire, whereas a pistol requires only one. Paintball style pistols suffer from many of the same disadvantages that a real bullet pistol has. Some of these disadvantages include magazine capacity, accuracy, and reloading time.

There is no question that a pistol is much lighter to carry and easier to shoot, whether in paintball or as a real firearm. The price of that lighter weight means that paintball pistols can carry fewer paintballs for ammunition. Much like a real revolver, pistols can carry only a handful of paintballs. In paintball combat or tournament play, you and your pistol may be shooting first, but you’ll also be reloading first.

One of the rules of ballistics in both paintball and firearms is that a longer gun barrel is more accurate. At close range, pistols that shoot paintballs may be just as accurate as a rifle style paintball gun. At longer ranges, however, paintballs fired from a pistol might not find the target as often as a longer paintball gun. A paintball gun with a long barrel allows the paintball to travel in a straight line for a longer period before exiting the gun. Don’t give your team’s paintball sniper a pistol!

Pistols for paintball hold less ammunition, and therefore require more frequent reloading. That time spent reloading is better used to fire paintballs. Regular paintball markers come with large hoppers holding dozens or hundreds of paintballs. Pistols are limited to a handful of paintballs. Given the huge paintball ammunition capacity of the regular paintball gun, the pistol should only be used as a backup weapon.

In paintball, pistols are certainly lighter and faster to draw. However, most paintball guns are constructed of light metals and plastics and weigh very little. The weight advantage of a pistol is negligible.

One place where the pistol excels in paintball is as a backup weapon. When your opponent hears that your paintball rifle’s huge hopper is empty, he may come around the corner for an easy score, only to take your paintball pistol shot right in the chest!

Buy A Paintball Gun — Used or New?

Buy A Paintball Gun -- Used or New?When purchasing paintball guns, it is vital that you choose the right type of gun or marker. Should you go for the new guns or the used ones?

Among the primary equipments used in paintball is the paintball gun or marker. There are now refurbished or used paintball guns sold in the market today. The gun’s major components are the barrel, tank, and hopper. Firing systems also vary and your gun may utilize electro-pneumatic, electro-mechanical, mechanical, and pump. Today, you can also find guns which use full auto, semi auto, electronic, stock, and pump. If you’re purchasing a paintball marker or gun, the most popular brands are AirStar, Component Concepts Incorporated, Diablo, Bruizer, and Brass Eagle.

If you think that paintball is a very easy and inexpensive game, you’re wrong. Paintball is quite expensive because you need to purchase several paintball gears and stuffs which are pricey. The price of the paintball marker or gun depends on the firing system, model and brand; guns cost anywhere from $150 – $1,800. If you want to cut down on the costs of the paintball accessories, you can purchase refurbished or used guns instead. Beginners are encouraged to purchased used guns so that they can save money and not only that, this is also one way to try different types of markers or guns.

The used markers or guns are highly in demand these days because of their dependability, durability, and effectiveness. You simply have to choose the appropriate gun that can meet your usage needs. Used guns are cheaper but that doesn’t mean that quality is sacrificed. There are lots of used paintball guns which are of high quality and you can also buy them if you take some time to search.

When purchasing used guns, it is very important to check if its manufacturer is still servicing. Make sure that the paintball guns are also in good working condition. Watch out for sellers who offer used and defective paintball guns. You must have the right knowledge in purchasing used guns. Take note that guns using carbon dioxide pressure systems can’t be reused; double check the gun’s pressure system.

It would be best to shop in the pro-shops offering paintball gears and equipments. There are lots of pro shops in the US and they also offer used paintball markers and guns. Browse the internet and you may be able to find classified sites and auction sites offering used guns or markers. These websites are also excellent sources of used paintball guns.

Some individuals don’t like to purchase the used guns because they find them defective. Beginners may find the used guns a good deal but for the professional and expert players, they would still prefer the brand new guns. If you can afford to purchase the brand new paintball guns, no one’s stopping you.

Those people with limited resources can go for used paintball guns so that they too can experience the world of paintball. This sport is fun, exciting, and full of action. You don’t have to be rich to play the game. If you want, you can also join the sport as long as you have all the necessary equipments and accessories.

Buy the paintball equipments now and if you want, you can purchase used guns or markers instead. The choice is yours; just make sure that you choose the gun you really like.

Rifled Paintball Barrels — Increase Aiming Accuracy

paintball riflesIf you play paintball, then you know about the much heated debate about the best type of paintball barrel to use. Some say that smooth barrels offers more distance and accuracy, while others say that rifled barrels are better in stabilizing the flight of the paintball for a more accurate shot.

First of all, rifling entered the scene in the mid 1800s. This was used to improve the firing capabilities of the cannon. In those days, the cannon balls were not really perfect spheres and the natural spinning caused the cannon balls to veer off target. So, linear grooves were developed and milled in to the inside of the cannon barrel. These grooves reduced the spin in a very large amount and it did indeed increase the accuracy of the cannons.

After that, the same concept was used in other firearms, such as guns, and rifles.

Today, you will see that most guns use a helix-shaped pattern inside the barrel. This doesn’t only control the spin, but it also controls the rate of the spin. The controlled spin has been found to stabilize the flight path of the bullets which means that it increases the accuracy of the gun.

In paintball guns, some people say that rifling doesn’t work in it. However, there are also a lot of people who says that rifled barrels in paintball guns are the best way to go if you want accuracy on your shots.

Basically, there are three types of barrel design in paintball guns.

The first type of design is polished barrels. This type of design contains no rifling at all inside the barrels. It is micro-honed and polished to a mirror-like appearance that is believed to reduce ball breaks inside the barrel and reduce drag to maintain longer distances. This type of barrel is cheaper in price with few exceptions. Most barrels in paintball guns are polished barrels.

The second type of barrel design in paintball guns is the no spin barrel. This type of concept has rifling grooved inside the paintball barrel designed to minimize the amount of spin that the paintball has when it exits the barrel. This concept was copied in the cannon ball design concept where minimizing the spin will increase the accuracy of the gun. The linear grooves will basically grab the ball to prevent it from spinning. Manufacturers of this kind of barrel states that the paintball are not perfect spheres much like the cannon balls in the mid 1800s. By drastically reducing the amount of spin, they claim to increase its accuracy.

The third type of paintball barrel is the spin rifling barrel. This concept uses the helix-pattern barrel concept. Unlike the no spin barrel which has the linear grooves, this type of barrel will have grooves that twist down the length of the barrel. What this does is to get the paintball to spin in a controlled motion, which is believed to aid in stabilizing the flight of the paintball, which means that it will be able to resist outside factors that may disrupt the flight path of the ball, such as the wind.

Whatever you decide on what kind of barrel you should use, you will see that most barrels designed today are capable to reach long distances and are quite accurate. Just get a high quality barrel for your paintball gun and you can be sure that you will indeed have a great gun that will offer both accuracy and distance.

Best Paintball Gun?

spyder electraGet the best paintball gun you can for your budget when you decide to play paintball. Paintball manufacturers prefer the term “marker” instead of “gun.” What we know as a paintball gun originated as a way to mark distant items such as trees with a highly visible colored dye.

The compressed air paintball apparatus allowed such markers to be applied at great distances, allowing utility companies to mark such trees efficiently for removal. Sometimes wandering cattle were marked for later retrieval! The term marker has a much less violent connotation, but paintball gun is the more widely used term for the paintball shooter. Modern paintball markers are often designed to mimic actual firearms.

The best guns for paintball generally are made by the top manufacturers. Tippmann makes paintball guns such as the A-5, 98 Custom, 68, and 98 Pro. Smart Parts Paintball Markers and Guns include the Ion, Nerve, Shocker, Impulse, and Ion Pro. JT USA manufactures a variety of top-quality paintball guns. Check out Spyder’s paintball guns such as the Spyder Electra and the Spyder Sniper Paintball Gun. Autococker also produces a wide range of paintball markers. Custom guns and sniper rifles are available from this list of best paintball marker manufacturers.

Optional equipment often determines what makes the best paintball markers. Automatic fire paintball guns must carry an external magazine of paintball ammunition. This magazine, called a hopper, sits on top of the gun, and feeds the paintballs to the gun by gravity, or sometimes by a force-feed mechanism. You get the best advantage by having a paintball gun that has a large hopper with force-feed action.

Compressed air powers the paintball gun. Canisters of pressurized air, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen propel the paintballs like gunpowder propels bullets. Once again, bigger is better! Oversized air cylinders are available that attach to the player’s belt and connect to the paintball gun with a flexible hose. Combined with a large hopper, the oversized air supply is another step in creating the best paintball marker.

Much like real ballistics experts, paintball gun makers have been concentrating on improving the barrel and flight path of the paintball. New paintball gun barrel designs allow paintballs to travel farther and straighter than before. These innovations are often found in the best paintball sniper guns.

The list of attachments and gadgets to improve a paintball gun is a long one. Players demand more range, accuracy, and firepower, and paintball makers are obliging. If you are an extreme paintball player, however, the best paintball gun is the one in your hands right now!

Paintball Markers


Today, among the most exciting and engrossing sport is paintball. Young and old individuals definitely have fun and exciting times in playing this sport. At present, paintball is played in more than forty countries all over the world. Because of the sport’s combat atmosphere, more and more people are indulging in this game. Two of the most important equipments used in paintball are the paintballs and the markers.

The paintball markers are more commonly called as paintball guns. This is the primary equipment for the sport but instead of using ammunitions, you will be using paintballs. Players aim their opponents using their paintball markers loaded with paintballs. The paintballs are rubberized capsules, usually as large as marbles, which contain water based paint. If this is your first time to play paintball, there is no reason for you to buy the markers immediately. In fact, it would be better to rent different kinds of markers so that you can compare them with one another. This is the best way to choose which marker works for your combat style.

Beginners can choose the inexpensive markers. Oftentimes, the buying decision is influenced by the player’s skill level. The most basic marker in the market may be enough to meet the needs of beginners. If you’re no longer satisfied with your marker, you can either trade it or you can purchase a new one.

The air system of the marker is a very important consideration. The said system provides the needed pressure in order to launch the paintballs. There are two types of pressures being employed today – the HPA or high pressure and the carbon dioxide. Beginners are recommended to use the latter because the markers can be easily controlled.

You must also know that the paintballs have various sizes. The size ranges from .50 – .72 caliber. Do you have a stock of paintballs? If you do, you have to make sure that you get the appropriate barrel diameter. Markers also have different barrel diameters so you need to check out this detail.

You can purchase the markers in sports stores online and offline. There are also paintball stores which sells various paintball equipments. The markers usually cost $10 to more than $400. Beginners are advised to seek professional help or they should conduct their own research as to the best marker in the market. You will also need to set up a budget for the marker and the other equipments that you need to purchase. The skill is also an important consideration so you need to assess your playing skill and the way you combat in the field or arena.

Paintball markers or paintball guns are not hard to find especially in online stores. Some markers are even custom made and this usually suits the needs of the veteran and professional players. With so many markers to choose from, you have to make sure that you get the best deal and make a good buying decision.

Play the game now and use different types of paintball markers. Do some online research about the different types of markers and compare them with one another. Compare the prices if you have a limited budget so that you can get the one that you can afford. Be a wise buyer and don’t make rush purchases.

Take your time in knowing more about the sport and the different types of markers.