Notwendige Paintball-Zubehör

Spielen Paintball sicherNachdem die Markierungen, Panzer, guns, Westen und andere Ausrüstung, um die Aufregung vervollständigen, wenn Sie planen, Paintball spielen. Aber wenig tun, andere wissen, dass es die kleinen und einfachen Dinge ist, dass Graf, noch bevor das Spiel beginnt. Manchmal sind die kleinen Accessoires, die in einem Werkzeugkasten gesperrt sind, sind alle, die erforderlich sind, ein Paintball-Spiel zu vervollständigen. Eine Toolbox ist die Erste-Hilfe-Kit des Spiels; wenn etwas schief geht, das unerwartete oder unvermeidbar ist, es gibt keinen Grund, sich zu ärgern.

Die Pistole Hand: gibt es Fälle, in dem Spiel, wenn die Pistole zu unterziehen “intensive surgery”. Guns differ from each other regardless of the physical similarities of some. If that time comes when it needs to be disassembled, the manual can make it easier to put it all back together. Try to find manuals with problem solving ideas, they really help.

Reserve batteries: some guns require batteries to function. It would be such a waste of time if in the middle of the game the batteries died and you could not continue to play so keep new batteries available.

Allen wrench to the rescue: some players have either inherited their guns from their friends or bought second-hand guns. If you did not get a set of Allen wrenches when you bought the gun buy a set from a hardware store and be sure to keep them handy.

Oil ole’! Make sure that there is a small can of oil for the paintball gun inside the box as well. Sometimes weather dictates if the gun needs oiling; be sure to get the specific oil type recommended by the manual for the gun.

Mask lens as spare: when worse comes to worst, mask lenswill either become blurry or scratched. Don’t hesitate to replace them if your vision is impaired as this really affects how the game is played.

Squeegee anyone? Carrying one on the field is enough during a game, so why not bring a replacement if anything goes wrong? It saves time for playing rather than looking for a squeegee.

Cupseals and reserved O-rings: some players do not know that O-rings and cup seals can be damaged easily and this will hurt the paintball gun big time so it is a must to replace the cupseal before this happens.

And for the player, always have a neck guard around to save the neck from those disturbing shots that hit your neck. There may be a team available to do first aid when something goes wrong but it would make sense to carry a personal first aid kit. Carry around spare basic safetygadgetslike a mask, Handschuhe, and pads and have a worry free paintball game.


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