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Principes de base Paintball

paintball productsPaintball is a safe, simple yet challenging and strategic sport that is played usually by two teams, each with at least two players. Adults and kids alike enjoy this sport as they often refer to it as an advanced or improvised game of tag.

Tournaments attract many spectators of all ages, as it is a very exciting game to watch.

Paintball games are of various types, toutefois, the most popular game often played is calledcapture the flag”. The object or the goal of this game is for teams to advance to the opponent’s base, move the other team’s flag to its destined location, at the same time guarding your own flag.

The paintball field has many obstacles such as tires, forts, old cars, hay and the newest areinflatablesthat are constructed as refuge for team players; making the game all the more exciting, as if participating in an actual game of war in videos.

When one is hit, it can hurt briefly and at times give players bruises. Players are typically required to be in long sleeves shirt and pants, making sure that the color is not be identical as that of the judge and complete paintball gear such as mask, helmet and goggles for safety.

The sport of paintball has a distinct and accurate set of rules that are strictly followed. The producer of the tournament is the absolute authority in regard to either an alteration or addition to the rules; marshals oversee the event, and their decision is always final. No dispute on the paintball field is accommodated or entertained.

A military approach to paintball is useless, as that knowledge is recognized and understood by the teams. A team’s tactic should be carefully planned; your team’s line of attack will not be known by the opposing team, and there should be a quick switch of plans in case something goes wrong.

There must be a lot of team work involved, as everyone moves through the field. As a team member moves, there should be others to guard and keep watch and give off covering shots when necessary. A team that moves together with a common objective will have a great chance of succeeding in this game.

Communication in the field is also very important. A team-mate can shout the position of the opponent. The moment that a player is seen, the game for that player is up; so there is no reason for you to keep quite; instead, inform the others the location of the enemy.

The excitement of this game concludes when you are seen and eliminateda situation that all team players struggle to avoid.

How Paintball Began

How Paintball Began

Paintball is a game where markers or guns are filled with non-lethal paint put in gel-like capsules which basically are used to shoot opponents. These markers are propelled by compressed gas.

Markers used in paintball evolved through the yearstheir use now is not the reason they were created years ago.

Markers for trails, trees and cows:

Believe it or not, the use of these markers started in the 70’s when farmers and members of forest groups used them to mark trees as well as trails, and cattle. The guns used then were powered by gas. ensuite – whether by inspiration or boredomthe users of these guns began playing around and instead of aiming them at other objects, decided to use the guns on each other.

And then there was paintball:

It was in 1981 that a group of friends decided to play their own unique version of paintball. They were using same guns they were using to mark trees when they talked among themselves and decided to buy into a tree-gun manufacturing business. The guns were then modified to control the speed as well as the power of the marker.

They promoted the guns and markers to the public andviola”, the game of paintball officially began at a field near Rochester, New York, in 1982.

The first paintball marker:

Ironically, the first ever paintball marker was not called a paintball marker and was not even used for paintball. It was called a paint-pellet and was created by the Nelson Paint Company originally for the forest industry. It was invented by James Hale and the patent was approved on January 29,1974.

The first paintball gun:

The first and only gun designed especially for paintball was called Splatmaster was invented by a man named Robert Shepherd who was issued a patent on July 3,1985. Later on, markers know as electro-pneumatic guns were developed.

The first paintball marker that is washable:

A specially designed marker with a washable fluid placed inside of soft gelatin capsules was invented by a man named George Skogg: the patent was officially granted on January 6,1987. This special marker fluid is more precise when shot: when it hits something, it is brighter and more visible. It is easily washable with regular soap and water or detergent.

Paintball markers have become user and player friendly through the years. Who could imagine that what was used originally for cattle and trees could be enjoyed by many people as a game? Hooray for paintball!

Paintball Sniper

Paintball Sniper

Winning Paintball Games With Stealth

A paintball sniper on your team would be your secret weapon, invisible to your opponents. It can make the difference between winning versus losing the game.

Paintball players fire dye-filled balls at each other with guns powered by compressed air. The goal is usually to eliminate opposing players by shooting them with a ball of paint. Sometimes the goal is to capture the enemy’s flag or other symbolic object.

If you have a sniper on your paintball team, the opponents may never know why their players are being eliminated. Snipers often remain hidden during paintball tournaments, picking off unsuspecting opponents. The tools of paintball snipers include stealth, silence, and special equipment.

Snipers are also called sharpshooters and must be able to operate almost invisibly. They must enter the field of play with their team, and then find a protected area with a view of the field of play. This is much easier and more effective in the forest environment of woodsball than on a regulation flat playing field. The paintball sharpshooter may wear a camouflaged helmet and outerwear and to assist in hiding from opponents.

Silence helps paintball snipers remain undetected. The paintball team sniper must be able to stay in position for long periods without moving. This ability is especially true in a forest environment, where rubbing against branches or stepping on sticks can reveal his position. Some paintball sniping guns are designed to dissipate the sound of the compressed gas upon firing, making the sniper even more stealthy.

The sniper’s paintball gun can include features to enhance his effectiveness. In addition to a silencer, such guns often have special barrels. These long and straight barrels improve paintball accuracy. Special aiming sights, including laser sights, can be purchased. Check the tournament rules to determine if special sights are allowed in the paintball game.

Any paintball player that can eliminate more than one opponent is a benefit to the team. A hidden player that can eliminate many opponents can make a team almost unbeatable. The only thing to remember is that the opposing team has a paintball sniper too, and he might be aiming for you next.

Comment utiliser des armes de paintball Sniper et devenir un bon tireur d'élite

Comment utiliser des armes de paintball Sniper et devenir un bon tireur d'éliteAujourd'hui, le jeu de paintball est maintenant de retour dans les bois où il appartient vraiment. De plus en plus le scénario jouent maintenant et woodsball paintball que jamais. outre, il est beaucoup plus amusant à jouer dans un grand environnement et il y a beaucoup d'obstacles naturels que vous devez traiter ici qui fait la lutte au feu encore plus réaliste que jamais.

L'industrie du paintball est maintenant inondé de se marqueurs de style militaire, Accessoires de camouflage, et gilets tactiques, même spécialement conçus pour le paintball game.Basically, les gens achètent le pistolet de base ou le modèle de stock. ensuite, ils convertissent les canons à utiliser dans les bois. Ici, vous découvrirez au sujet de certains des accessoires que vous aurez besoin pour vous de construire un bon tireur d'élite pistolet de paintball qui est précis et très discret.

Le premier accessoire de tireur d'élite de paintball essentiel que vous devriez obtenir est le canon paintball. Il faut se rappeler que dans le scénario paintball ou woodsball, de grandes distances doivent être réalisées afin de frapper l'ennemi. Vous allez jouer dans un très grand environnement et vous avez besoin de votre pistolet de paintball être même précision à des distances longues. barils de paintball de stock ne peut pas couper et si vous êtes un tireur d'élite de paintball, vous aurez certainement besoin de changer le canon afin d'obtenir une précision et la distance.

Les barils sont disponibles en différentes tailles. Il y a 8 barils de pouce et même 22 barils de pouce. Vous devriez aussi essayer d'ajouter le portage du canon et des pauses museau qui seront en mesure de contrôler le flux d'air pour assurer une meilleure transition lorsque le paintball sort le canon. Cela se traduira par un plus vol stable, ce qui signifie en fin de compte plus de coups précis.

Vous pouvez également essayer l'achat d'un baril amélioré qui aura la spoliation à l'intérieur. La spoliation est essentiellement rainures en spirale qui contrôle la vitesse de rotation du paintball qui ajoutera plus de précision et à distance, ainsi que de minimiser les effets des facteurs externes qui peuvent influer sur le vol du paintball.

La règle de base est que vous devriez essayer d'investir un peu plus pour le canon. Le canon est plus cher mieux sa qualité. Il sera mieux fraisé et le canon sera le plus susceptible de passer beaucoup de temps dans la recherche et le développement ainsi que des tests.

Le stock de paintball est aussi une autre chose que vous devriez dépenser de l'argent. Il ne sera pas seulement ajouter un bon coup d'oeil à un pistolet de paintball de tireur d'élite, mais il sera également aider à stabiliser votre fatigue but et diminuer lorsque l'objectif est l'arme à feu. Avec ce soutien, vous aurez probablement atteint votre cible et diminution misses. Les stocks sont pliables et peuvent être pliés lorsque vous êtes en déplacement.

Un gilet de paintball est également considéré comme un équipement indispensable pour le tireur d'élite de paintball. Bien qu'il ne soit pas vraiment une partie du canon, mais il vous permettra également de stocker plus efficacement les accessoires essentiels. Essayez d'obtenir un gilet avec un système d'hydratation car il sera utile pour vous, surtout pendant les journées chaudes. Également, un gilet avec compartiment supplémentaire pour les réservoirs d'air peut vous aider à jouer le jeu de façon plus confortable.

Bien sûr, ce qui est une arme de tireur d'élite sans la portée? Le champ d'application que vous devriez obtenir devrait être les non grossies avec un point rouge. portées grossies sont difficiles en raison de l'action rythme rapide dans la game.Remember ces conseils et vous pouvez être sûr que vous serez en mesure d'avoir un temps de jeu.

En tant que tireur d'élite avec ces accessoires, vous serez en mesure de choisir vos adversaires avec un seul coup, un mort.