Kingman Spyder MR1 Paintball Marker Review

Spyder MR1 Paintball gunThe Spyder MR1 brings an very awesome balance of military design and style to paintball guns!
Kingman presents the Spyder MR1 paintball gun, a great tactical gun with tons of versatility!
It is also very durable and will take a beating and keep on firing!
The slide out pull pin, field strippable bolt, and full-length stock (included) make the Spyder MR1 an easily operated and highly accurate scenario marker with military resilience and stability.

This semi-automatic paintball gun won’t rust on you even when you’re trekking around in the wettest terrain possible.

Spyder MR1 features:

~ Detachable stock – Integrated dovetail for easy sight placement or for mounting a scope
~ 12″ Muzzle Brake Barrel
~ Two finger trigger
~ Contoured grip with integrated side panels
~ Matte black paint finish
~ Drop Forward
~ Steel braided bottom line airfeed system
~ Off-set feed neck for true rifle like sighting
~ Anti-Double feed ball detent
~ Top cocking bolt

The paint job on this gun is flat matt black, which is great for staying concealed in the woods. The feed is offset on the right hand side which makes sighting smooth and natural. You will need to invest in a more rugged elbow because the one included with the marker is very brittle and might break easily. The stock barrel is fairly accurate thou, but if you have the money, a BT Apex or a 14″ J&J would be a worthwhile upgrade.

The marker has a very solid aluminum frame and a nice mil-sim look. Out of the box, the MR1 comes with a solid stock, a decent barrel, a clear elbow, a barrel plug and a few small replacement parts.

The gun shoots hard and fast and the barrel is very good and stable. If more accuracy is needed, there is a plethora of Spyder Thread Barrels on the market.

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