Paintball Basics

Paintball BasicsDo you want to experience thrilling, fun, and fast actions? Well, if you do, then paintball is the sport for you. It doesn’t really matter how tall or how heavy you are because with this sport, you’re free to take part in the action. Everyone can join this sport – children, parents, young adults, and even your grandparents.

To be able to play paintball, you must know paintball’s basic rules. You must know how the game is played. To start with, you will be playing in the open fields but this sport can also be played inside arenas. Two teams will compete with one another and every player will have their own air gun. Are you familiar with the ‘capture the flag’ game? This game is usually played by children but the rules being employed are similar.

Colored armbands will be used to distinguish the two teams. Each player will wear the colored armband so that they can easily identify teammates and their opponents. The main goal of the sport is to capture the opponent’s flag. Once the flag is captured, it should be brought back to the camp. Touch the opponent’s flag to the team’s flag and you must be able to do this for a specified time.

Players are eliminated once a paintball hits a certain player and it’s the referee’s decision whether a player is eliminated or not. The referee’s decision is final and so if you’re hit with a paintball and it spat, you will be immediately eliminated.

Now that you know the basic rules of paintball, you must familiarize yourself with the various equipments used. Here are the equipments:

1. Paintball – this is a semi hard rubberized shell which can easily break once an object is hit. It contains paint and it’s marble-sized.

2. Paintball gun – the paintball can be only be launched through a paintball gun. Compressed air powers the gun and it s usually made from aluminum alloy. The gun has a container for the loaded paintballs.

3. Eye equipment – this equipment protects the eyes of the players. It has a rubber strap and acrylic plastic lens that should be placed firmly over the eyes.

4. Mask – this is basically helmet which protects the ears and face of the player.

5. Belt pack – just as the word suggests, this is a belt that allows players to carry additional accessories.

6. Sight – oftentimes players do point shooting but if you want to aim your targets better, you can use the ‘sight’; this is an additional device for paintball guns.

Paintball is not a very simple game because you need to have common sense. You can’t just run wild and shoot every player you see. If you want to play smart, you must never remove your helmet. You must know the paintball gun’s limitations. If you don’t want to be spotted easily by our opponents, you must wear dark colored clothes and not light ones because light colored clothes attract attention.

Buy hiking or running shoes so that you’re more comfortable when running around the field or arena. Playing honestly is also a good trait and you must follow your team captain’s orders. Focus on the game and don’t fool around because you might get hit.

Now that you know the basic rules, equipments, and some pointers on how to play paintball, you can enjoy playing this sport together with your family or your friends.

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