Paintball Mask

Paintball MaskA Paintball Mask Protects Your Life

Paintball rules require each player to wear an approved paintball mask during tournament play. That rule should apply to all paintball activities. Although a paintball is a relatively soft marble of colored dye, it can travel at speeds of 300 feet per second. Do you want a marble sized projectile speeding towards your eye at more than 200 miles per hour? That’s why masks in paintball are the most important safety gear you can wear.

This mask for paintball is actually more of a helmet. Often the entire head is covered by the mask, rather than just the face. Eye shields, also called “goggles,” protect the eyes. The mask may have integral ear protection, or ear shields may be attached. The mouth and nose are protected from paintballs as well, so breathing slits or holes are included in the mask. A front throat shield completes the protection of modern paintball masks.

The eyes require the greatest protection by the mask. However, the player’s vision must be relatively clear to participate effectively in the paintball games. Any full-head helmet is likely to decrease the player’s vision, so the mask should be tested in the store. Peripheral vision will likely be limited, as will the player’s ability to turn the head from side to side.

If the paintball mask’s eye lenses fog during the game, the player is in a desperate situation. The only solutions are to stop play and let down the team, or remove the mask and risk eye damage from flying paintballs. Neither of these solutions is a good idea.

The real solution is to buy a paintball style mask with thermal or anti-fogging lenses. These lenses might be chemically treated to resist fogging. Even better, each lens contains an inner and outer lens separated by an airspace, preventing condensation from forming inside the mask. More expensive masks for paintball may also have ventilation fans inside the mask.

Consider the weight of the mask you buy for paintball. It may feel light enough when worn for a few minutes in the store. You might need to wear this mask for hours at a time during long paint ball matches. You have to be able to run, jump, and communicate in this mask. If the mask is causing neck pain or blisters during the paint ball game, try another model.

The wargame simulation of paintball has a large and enthusiastic following. Dozens or hundreds of paintballs are flying everywhere at 200 miles per hour. Make sure your precious vision is protected by an approved and well-fitted paintball mask.

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