Paintball Pistol — Pros and Cons

paintball pistols

A paintball pistol is a smaller version of a paintball gun. It is similar to a real pistol when it is compared to the size of a rifle. A rifle requires two hands to hold and fire, whereas a pistol requires only one. Paintball style pistols suffer from many of the same disadvantages that a real bullet pistol has. Some of these disadvantages include magazine capacity, accuracy, and reloading time.

There is no question that a pistol is much lighter to carry and easier to shoot, whether in paintball or as a real firearm. The price of that lighter weight means that paintball pistols can carry fewer paintballs for ammunition. Much like a real revolver, pistols can carry only a handful of paintballs. In paintball combat or tournament play, you and your pistol may be shooting first, but you’ll also be reloading first.

One of the rules of ballistics in both paintball and firearms is that a longer gun barrel is more accurate. At close range, pistols that shoot paintballs may be just as accurate as a rifle style paintball gun. At longer ranges, however, paintballs fired from a pistol might not find the target as often as a longer paintball gun. A paintball gun with a long barrel allows the paintball to travel in a straight line for a longer period before exiting the gun. Don’t give your team’s paintball sniper a pistol!

Pistols for paintball hold less ammunition, and therefore require more frequent reloading. That time spent reloading is better used to fire paintballs. Regular paintball markers come with large hoppers holding dozens or hundreds of paintballs. Pistols are limited to a handful of paintballs. Given the huge paintball ammunition capacity of the regular paintball gun, the pistol should only be used as a backup weapon.

In paintball, pistols are certainly lighter and faster to draw. However, most paintball guns are constructed of light metals and plastics and weigh very little. The weight advantage of a pistol is negligible.

One place where the pistol excels in paintball is as a backup weapon. When your opponent hears that your paintball rifle’s huge hopper is empty, he may come around the corner for an easy score, only to take your paintball pistol shot right in the chest!

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