Paintball Sniper

Paintball Sniper

Winning Paintball Games With Stealth

A paintball sniper on your team would be your secret weapon, invisible to your opponents.  It can make the difference between winning versus losing the game.

Paintball players fire dye-filled balls at each other with guns powered by compressed air. The goal is usually to eliminate opposing players by shooting them with a ball of paint. Sometimes the goal is to capture the enemy’s flag or other symbolic object.

If you have a sniper on your paintball team, the opponents may never know why their players are being eliminated. Snipers often remain hidden during paintball tournaments, picking off unsuspecting opponents. The tools of paintball snipers include stealth, silence, and special equipment.

Snipers are also called sharpshooters and must be able to operate almost invisibly. They must enter the field of play with their team, and then find a protected area with a view of the field of play. This is much easier and more effective in the forest environment of woodsball than on a regulation flat playing field. The paintball sharpshooter may wear a camouflaged helmet and outerwear and to assist in hiding from opponents.

Silence helps paintball snipers remain undetected. The paintball team sniper must be able to stay in position for long periods without moving. This ability is especially true in a forest environment, where rubbing against branches or stepping on sticks can reveal his position. Some paintball sniping guns are designed to dissipate the sound of the compressed gas upon firing, making the sniper even more stealthy.

The sniper’s paintball gun can include features to enhance his effectiveness. In addition to a silencer, such guns often have special barrels. These long and straight barrels improve paintball accuracy. Special aiming sights, including laser sights, can be purchased. Check the tournament rules to determine if special sights are allowed in the paintball game.

Any paintball player that can eliminate more than one opponent is a benefit to the team. A hidden player that can eliminate many opponents can make a team almost unbeatable. The only thing to remember is that the opposing team has a paintball sniper too, and he might be aiming for you next.

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