Paintball Store

paintball facilitiesIf you are serious about paintball, you must find a good paintball store. There are several vital pieces of equipment you need to begin playing paintball. Some you only buy once, like a paintball gun and a helmet. Things such as paintball ammunition must be replenished frequently. If you can locate a quality paintball vendor in your area, you’ll have a handy place to restock your paintball supplies.

Although the paintball gun is the most fun to buy, shop your paintball store’s selection of helmets first. The store should have a wide variety of helmets with various safety features. Helmets, also called goggles, primarily provide eye protection. The maximum allowed paintball speed is 300 feet per second, or just over 200 miles per hour! The store’s helmets must be rated to deflect these dangerous projectiles without breaking. The helmet must be lightweight and not chafe, so wear it around the paintball store’s aisles for a while.

Your local paintball vendor will carry the coolest paintball guns ever. If you don’t know how to buy a paintball gun, ask a clerk. Gun selection is based on experience level and sometimes your position on a paintball team. Start with an inexpensive beginner’s gun just in case paintball turns out to be a passing fad in your life. If you simply must have the best, your local paintball supply store will be happy to sell it to you.

Stock up on paintballs from your store. It is better to have too many than too few, especially in the heat of battle. The store will also stock extra-large paintball hoppers, super sized compressed air canisters, paintball suits with extra armor, and many other items to enhance your paintball experience. Remember that your paintball store bill can increase rapidly, so buy the minimum equipment at first to see if you actually like the sport.

A local paintball supplier can supply more than just equipment. Such stores are often involved in sponsoring or promoting team events, tournaments, and even paintball clubs. If you want to get serious about playing paintball, get serious about finding an excellent paintball store.

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