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Occasions to go paintballing

paintball_in_officeThere are so many different reasons to go paintballing, whether you are in a group or by yourself. Most people use the activity as a means for entertainment. You’d be hard pushed to find an activity more fun than shooting paint at an opponent. Reasons to go paintballing are: It is fun, it is good for team working skills, and the exercise within the activity is good for you. OK, so I doubt you care for the last two points, but they are valid nonetheless.

Many of you, even though you have heard of paintballing, don’t necessarily see the appeal in going. Fair enough. You might prefer indoor games like racing or a tamer sport like table tennis. If you are considering going though, here are a few occasions people use as an excuse to gather together for a bit of harmless fun.
Stag dos – What better way to celebrate your best friends impending marriage than shooting paint at his face from behind obstacles? It is probably best to take part in this activity sober however, so maybe schedule it before the mandatory drinking session.

Hen dos – let’s not be sexist about this. Paintballing is just as amusing for the girls. Get messy before your big day.
Birthdays – More and more people book paintballing as a birthday treat. And the best part is large groups normally get a discount. So grab a load of people together, whether it is an activity for the party, or a birthday present. Teenager or adult, it is sure to please.

Office parties – Things can be so serious in the office. Sometimes it is a good idea to get everyone who is willing together to ease the tension. Ever wanted to throw a can of paint at a work colleague when you don’t see eye to eye? Well here’s your opportunity. Minus the can.
University outing

– We don’t believe for a moment that anyone who is or used to be a student didn’t fancy rubbing paint in their lecturer/ teachers face before, when they wouldn’t give a much needed extension on an assignment. Of course most lecturers won’t agree to this activity, but you can dream, and the great thing about students is, they are game for a laugh.