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Paintball 101: The Importance of Stealth

Paintball 101: The Importance of Stealth

Paintball is a war game. Firepower and manpower do matter. Firepower is the ability of a paintball gun to inflict a lot of paint on your opponents and the ammunition it can carry. However firepower is useless in the wrong hands. It is still manpower that will win teams their games.

Manpower is the ability of a player not to only play harder but to also play smarter in the field. This article tackles about stealth and how it can win games for you.

Stealth is the ability to blend with your surroundings. Using different techniques to achieve this, stealth will usually indicate who the “newbie” is in a paintball environment.

Stealth is about moving the right way. When you have to make a quick dash, it is best to just stick to paths where there are no twigs. Twigs are the worst things to step on as they will snap, break, and make noise. It is recommended that you take your time (when you still have it) and move slowly when going through a cluttered area.

Stealth is best accomplished when using the proper equipment. Shoes and clothing will help tremendously in minimizing the sound you create when moving. Shoes with soft soles are recommended as they make less noise than army combat boots because they have a natural sound absorption property that helps limit the sounds made while stepping.

Soft clothing will also be an advantage as coarse fabrics will create a lot of noise when brushing against branches and the foliage. It is great for crawling quietly to go to a desired place with a minimal amount of noise created.

Other things must also fit snug or tightly on your body. This includes harnesses and holsters. You should also avoid putting anything in the leg area since walking and running will cause it to make noise – this includes your reloads and ammunition.

There are also several techniques such as using colors that match the foliage of the battlefield: this will hide you and makes you virtually unseen (when not moving) by your enemies.

When you have to move, it is recommended that you learn how to crawl the proper way (and with the ability to still fire when needed).

Stealth takes a lot of time to learn properly. Even experienced players will make mistakes and with these mistakes they learn how not to do it!

Online Paintball Games

Online Paintball Games

Team Training With Online Paintball Game

Paintball teams use the online paintball game much like other sports teams use game footage. Recording every paintball game, especially from multiple viewpoints, allows a paintball team to review their performance. Intelligence about opposing paintball teams can be gathered as well. When these recorded paintball games are put online, the team can review them together. Individual players can then replay them later to emphasize certain points.

One of the best uses for online paintball games is to teach new players strategy and tactics. New paint ball players can observe recorded online games to view openings deployment moves, mid-game crossfires, and how winning moves were performed. The online paintball recordings can be stopped and reversed as many times as possible to make a point.

Experienced paintball players use recorded online games to critique the performance of themselves and their team. They can gauge the effectiveness of maneuvers practiced before the paintball tournament. Paintball players can see who was out of position, and how to correct the mistake next time. Players who are often struck by paintballs can see what bad habits they have, and take evasive action.

Remember that a recorded paintball match includes both teams. Each team can review the online games to determine their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how the opponent deploys their paintball sniper can be a big advantage. Teams employing misdirection or other confusing tactics can be countered with diligent online game reviews. Perhaps a team will even be able to spot the missing paintball opponent that they could not see during the game.

Reviewing paintball games online can reveal a wealth of information to novice and experience players alike. New paintball tactics can be learned. Opponents’ strategies can be revealed and countered. Snipers can be neutralized. Take full advantage of the online paintball game to make your team the best it can be.

Paintball Sniper

Paintball Sniper

Winning Paintball Games With Stealth

A paintball sniper on your team would be your secret weapon, invisible to your opponents.  It can make the difference between winning versus losing the game.

Paintball players fire dye-filled balls at each other with guns powered by compressed air. The goal is usually to eliminate opposing players by shooting them with a ball of paint. Sometimes the goal is to capture the enemy’s flag or other symbolic object.

If you have a sniper on your paintball team, the opponents may never know why their players are being eliminated. Snipers often remain hidden during paintball tournaments, picking off unsuspecting opponents. The tools of paintball snipers include stealth, silence, and special equipment.

Snipers are also called sharpshooters and must be able to operate almost invisibly. They must enter the field of play with their team, and then find a protected area with a view of the field of play. This is much easier and more effective in the forest environment of woodsball than on a regulation flat playing field. The paintball sharpshooter may wear a camouflaged helmet and outerwear and to assist in hiding from opponents.

Silence helps paintball snipers remain undetected. The paintball team sniper must be able to stay in position for long periods without moving. This ability is especially true in a forest environment, where rubbing against branches or stepping on sticks can reveal his position. Some paintball sniping guns are designed to dissipate the sound of the compressed gas upon firing, making the sniper even more stealthy.

The sniper’s paintball gun can include features to enhance his effectiveness. In addition to a silencer, such guns often have special barrels. These long and straight barrels improve paintball accuracy. Special aiming sights, including laser sights, can be purchased. Check the tournament rules to determine if special sights are allowed in the paintball game.

Any paintball player that can eliminate more than one opponent is a benefit to the team. A hidden player that can eliminate many opponents can make a team almost unbeatable. The only thing to remember is that the opposing team has a paintball sniper too, and he might be aiming for you next.

How To Use Sniper Paintball Guns and Become a Good Sniper

How To Use Sniper Paintball Guns and Become a Good SniperToday, the game of paintball is now returning to the woods where it really belongs. More and more people are now playing scenario and woodsball paintball than ever before. Besides, it’s a lot more fun to play in a large environment and there are quite a lot of natural obstacles that you need to deal with here that makes the fire fight even more realistic than ever before.

The paintball industry is now getting flooded with military style markers, camouflage accessories, and even tactical vests specially designed for the paintball game.Basically, people buy the basic gun or the stock model. Then, they convert the guns to be used in the woods. Here, you will find out about some of the essential accessories that you will need in order for you to build a good sniper paintball gun that is accurate and very discreet.

The first essential paintball sniper accessory that you should get is the paintball barrel. You need to remember that in scenario paintball or woodsball, great distances should be achieved in order to hit the enemy. You will be playing in a very large environment and you need your paintball gun to be accurate even at long distances. Stock paintball barrels can’t cut it and if you are a paintball sniper, you will definitely need to change the barrel in order to achieve accuracy and distance.

Barrels come in different sizes. There are 8 inch barrels and even 22 inch barrels. You should also try adding barrel porting and muzzle breaks which will be able to control the air flow to provide better transition when the paintball exits the barrel. This will mean a more stable flight, which ultimately means more accurate shots.

You can also try purchasing an upgraded barrel that will have rifling inside. The rifling is basically spiral grooves that will control the spin rate of the paintball which will add more accuracy and distance as well as minimize the effects of outside factors that can affect the flight of the paintball.

The rule of thumb is that you should try investing a little extra for the barrel. The more expensive the barrel is the better its quality. It will be better milled and the barrel will be most likely to spend a lot of time in research and development as well as testing.

The paintball stock is also another thing that you should spend money on. It will not only add a good look to a sniper paintball gun but it will also help in stabilizing your aim and decrease fatigue when aiming the gun. With this support, you will likely hit your target and decrease misses. Stocks are collapsible and can be folded when you are on the move.

A paintball vest is also considered as essential equipment for the paintball sniper. Although it is not really a part of the gun, but it will also allow you to store essential accessories more efficiently. Try getting a vest with a hydration system as it will be useful for you especially on hot days. Also, a vest with extra compartment for air tanks can help you play the game in more comfortable way.

Of course, what is a sniper gun without the scope? The scope that you should get should be the non magnified ones with a red dot. Magnified scopes are awkward due to the fast paced action in the game.Remember these tips and you can be sure that you will be able to have a great time playing.

As a sniper with these accessories, you will be able to pick off your opponents with one shot, one kill.