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Occasions to go paintballing

paintball_in_officeThere are so many different reasons to go paintballing, whether you are in a group or by yourself. Most people use the activity as a means for entertainment. You’d be hard pushed to find an activity more fun than shooting paint at an opponent. Reasons to go paintballing are: It is fun, it is good for team working skills, and the exercise within the activity is good for you. OK, so I doubt you care for the last two points, but they are valid nonetheless.

Many of you, even though you have heard of paintballing, don’t necessarily see the appeal in going. Fair enough. You might prefer indoor games like racing or a tamer sport like table tennis. If you are considering going though, here are a few occasions people use as an excuse to gather together for a bit of harmless fun.
Stag dos – What better way to celebrate your best friends impending marriage than shooting paint at his face from behind obstacles? It is probably best to take part in this activity sober however, so maybe schedule it before the mandatory drinking session.

Hen dos – let’s not be sexist about this. Paintballing is just as amusing for the girls. Get messy before your big day.
Birthdays – More and more people book paintballing as a birthday treat. And the best part is large groups normally get a discount. So grab a load of people together, whether it is an activity for the party, or a birthday present. Teenager or adult, it is sure to please.

Office parties – Things can be so serious in the office. Sometimes it is a good idea to get everyone who is willing together to ease the tension. Ever wanted to throw a can of paint at a work colleague when you don’t see eye to eye? Well here’s your opportunity. Minus the can.
University outing

– We don’t believe for a moment that anyone who is or used to be a student didn’t fancy rubbing paint in their lecturer/ teachers face before, when they wouldn’t give a much needed extension on an assignment. Of course most lecturers won’t agree to this activity, but you can dream, and the great thing about students is, they are game for a laugh.

Custom Paintball Guns

paintball sniperDid you know that players of paintball also call their guns ‘paintball markers’? You see, the paintballs which are loaded in the gun are used to mark opponents and hence the term ‘paintball markers’. For those who have specific requirements when it comes to their paintball guns, you need to get the custom made ones.

When you’re using the custom made guns, you have to consider some features like barrel, gun accessories, and air system. Now, if you try to shop online, you will notice that there are lots of paintball gun manufacturers. Choosing a manufacturer and the type of paintball gun is a hard task.

Do a quick search in some online stores and you will be overwhelmed with the many varieties of custom made guns. You can find Graffiti Series ACI F4, Dragon Intimidator by Bob Long, 68AUTOMAG, Chaos ANS GX-3, Tippman 98, and many others. These guns are the most popular and they usually command a high price because of the quality.

If you prefer the good looking paintball guns, you can choose the Graffiti Series. High accuracy is achieved through this gun because of the Venturi bolt. This bolt reduces ball breakage. Aside from that, the Graffiti Series features expansion chamber and combo barrel.

You can also go for 68AUTOMAG because it’s also among the popular custom made guns. The gun’s power feed has molded grips and valve assembly. If you prefer these requirements, you can choose this paintball gun.

Another good choice is the Dragon Intimidator. This paintball gun by Bob Long has a torpedo or vertical regulator. You can even control trigger travel through the 3 adjustment screws. Aside from that, the gun also has button controls and LCD display.

Still not satisfied? Try ANS GX-3. This gun features jackhammer adjustable regulator, stainless steel ram, and milled shroud. ANS Gen-X manufactured this paintball gun and it is among the best manufacturers in the world for paintball equipments.

Tippman 98 is another custom made paintball gun and so far, it is the most popular. You can upgrade this gun according to your specific needs. You don’t have to worry about the weather if you have this gun because it can withstand various weather conditions.

These are the custom made paintball guns offered in the market. If you want to know more about these guns, check out their product reviews and customer testimonials. That way, you can tell if it’s the right paintball gun for you. If price is one of your considerations in purchasing paintball guns, make sure that you know the prices of these guns.

Aside from that, you should also compare the guns in terms of accuracy, range, and other factors. You should be a smart shopper and don’t just grab the first custom made paintball gun that you come across. Make sure that you make a wise decision and don’t forget to consider your playing style and the type of game you usually play.

Spend some time playing and renting paintball guns. This is one way to test how the guns feel while you’re in the playing field. Don’t forget to check the various manufacturers of paintball guns so that you can determine the gun’s quality.

Paintball guns are very important and you can’t join the game without it. There are also other paintball equipments that you need to have so be sure to buy them as well.

Online Paintball Games

Online Paintball Games

Team Training With Online Paintball Game

Paintball teams use the online paintball game much like other sports teams use game footage. Recording every paintball game, especially from multiple viewpoints, allows a paintball team to review their performance. Intelligence about opposing paintball teams can be gathered as well. When these recorded paintball games are put online, the team can review them together. Individual players can then replay them later to emphasize certain points.

One of the best uses for online paintball games is to teach new players strategy and tactics. New paint ball players can observe recorded online games to view openings deployment moves, mid-game crossfires, and how winning moves were performed. The online paintball recordings can be stopped and reversed as many times as possible to make a point.

Experienced paintball players use recorded online games to critique the performance of themselves and their team. They can gauge the effectiveness of maneuvers practiced before the paintball tournament. Paintball players can see who was out of position, and how to correct the mistake next time. Players who are often struck by paintballs can see what bad habits they have, and take evasive action.

Remember that a recorded paintball match includes both teams. Each team can review the online games to determine their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Knowing how the opponent deploys their paintball sniper can be a big advantage. Teams employing misdirection or other confusing tactics can be countered with diligent online game reviews. Perhaps a team will even be able to spot the missing paintball opponent that they could not see during the game.

Reviewing paintball games online can reveal a wealth of information to novice and experience players alike. New paintball tactics can be learned. Opponents’ strategies can be revealed and countered. Snipers can be neutralized. Take full advantage of the online paintball game to make your team the best it can be.

Make Retreating in a Paintball Game an Advantage

Make Retreating in a Paintball Game an Advantage

To realize a common goal, teammates in a paintball game should take two important roles: one is to suppress and the other to invade.

Suppression is a way of distracting the opponent so that they fall short by not seeing the other team that is already starting to invade. Suppression’s goal is not to get rid of enemies. Control and concentration are needed to keep a team member from shooting.

A team who uses suppression as a tactic should consist of three or more players. Each member must know that their main objective is not to eliminate the other team’s members; although that could be true in other events. Movements during this game should be accurate and targets must be aligned in order to make sure that the opposing team is unaware of the suppression. A steady target and aiming of fire from the suppression players must not be in unison to leave the enemies with a puzzled feeling.

When making an assault, two or more of the paintball players who are making the suppression constantly distract one of the opponent’s players in order to disguise the players who are about to invade and attack the opposing team. Suppression often conceals the other players and if done well, would eventually destroy the enemies who would have to retreat and could soon be eliminated when caught.

The other role that is played by the rest of the team is invading. The players that are involved in the invasion must try very hard to hide themselves from the opponents while the suppression team is doing their job. This requires patience, control, and discipline to keep from firing in order to save the position. Make sure that with one shot severe damage to the opposing team is incurred rather than firing at one enemy player that did not realize the invader was there.

The invasion players target at least the majority of the opposing team’s players. Once they are in position to capture the flag, they must fire with great power and with full force. Since paintball guns are really loud, as soon as players start hitting target it must be accurate as there is no turning back. Enemies will know where the guns are firing from so the invasion team will have to incur damage all at once to keep the opponent from counter attacking. This will be shown by the amount of paint that is shot at the other team.